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Posted by Zumba with Akinya on Monday, August 3, 2015

What are people saying about Zumba with Akinya?

"Outstanding presentation. Pleasant demeanor. Ms. Joy was sensitive to [the] needs of participants. She asked if pace of movement was good for everyone."

"I like dance and need to exercise. I received both!"

"You are the biggest bundle of energy I've seen in a long time!"

"She was awesome. She makes me want to teach again."

"I'm actually sweating. I've been to so many Zumba classes and I never sweat; I don't even feel my pulse increase. Thank you! I loved your class."

"I felt so good in mind and body when I finish[ed]."

"It was a very good workout. [Akinya is] very knowledgeable. The instructions were very clear. She explained the steps well."

"[Akinya] worked well with us in instructing us on our exercises."

"Excellent! You rocked!"

"I've been to  other Zumba classes. This was my first class with you, and I love you! You're class was awesome... My [body] is [actually] sweating... I love you! See you next week!"

"I've taken several Zumba classes. This is the classiest Zumba class ever!"

"Girl, you did that!"

"Oh my goodness, I love your class!  It was so easy to follow.  I have to take it again!"

"What a way to work out!!! This woman is awesome with the Zumba!!!"